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Language books/dictionaries (Arabic-French, Arabic-German etc etc) available in Athens

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13. June 2017
Tags: Greece: Central (Athens area) | books / art supplies

I have multiple copies of the following books, most geared for Arabic speakers.  If you need them for classes or for individuals you know, please contact me to pick up. I'm in Athens until June 22, staying in Mets.

French for Arabic and English:
--French-Arabic dictionaries (10 copies!)
--French-Arabic phrasebooks (4)
--French-English kids' bilingual readers (lots!)

German for Arabic and English:
--German-Arabic dictionaries (7)
--German-Arabic phrasebooks and grammar guides [TAKEN]
--German-English picture dictionary (1)

English for Arabic speakers:
--Arabic-English learners' dictionaries [TAKEN]
--Arabic-English bilingual kids' readers [TAKEN]
--Arabic-English picture dictionary [TAKEN]

Greek for Arabic and English:
--Greek-English phrasebooks [WILL have about 10, when the box arrives...]
--Greek-Arabic dictionary [TAKEN...but I can tell you where to get more]
--Greek-Arabic phrasebooks and picture dictionaries [TAKEN...but same as above]
--Greek for Arabic speakers textbook [TAKEN]


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