++ 2017-04-25 NEW organization/team added: The Good Souls ++ 2017-04-25 NEW volunteer call: Volunteer teachers and activity leaders needed ++ 2017-04-24 NEW volunteer call: French Teachers++ 2017-04-24 New volunteer call: CALL OUT TO VOLUNTEERS! ++ 2017-04-24 New volunteer call: CALL OUT TO DESIGNERS & CREATIVES! ++ 2017-04-24 NEW volunteer call: Welcome DRIVERS, COOKS, TEAM LEADERS and LONG-TERM VOLUNTEERS to start working with us in our kitchen and doing food dis++ 2017-04-24 NEW organization/team added: BelgrAid++ 2017-04-23 NEW donation need: COMMUNITY CENTRE!++ 2017-04-23 NEW volunteer call: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! ++ 2017-04-23 New donation need: SUMMER SHOES!++ 2017-04-21 NEW volunteer call: VOLUNTEERS FOR MAY NEEDED++ 2017-04-21 NEW organization/team added: Col·lectiu VIO++ 2017-04-21 NEW donation offer: COMMUNITY CENTRE!++ 2017-04-20 NEW volunteer call: test++ 2017-04-20 NEW volunteer call: Immediate Opportunity for Dedicated Community Development Volunteers and Translators (Arabic/Greek), to join the InterVo++ 2017-04-20 NEW volunteer call: Experienced volunteer teachers needed for Refugee Education Chios++ 2017-04-20 NEW room sharing post: room sharing++ 2017-04-20 NEW organization/team added: InterVolve++ 2017-04-19 NEW room sharing post: room sharing++ 2017-04-19 NEW organization/team added: Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)++ 2017-04-19 NEW organization/team added: Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland (ASB)++ 2017-04-18 New place added: Olympias Hotel++ 2017-04-18 NEW organization/team added: Hope Cafe++ 2017-04-18 New place added: Hope Cafe++ 2017-04-18 NEW volunteer call: Volunteers needed in Patras over the next 3 weeks

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