++ new volunteer call Volunteer Community Manager 2017-08-22
++ room sharing room sharing: need 2017-08-22
++ room sharing room sharing: need 2017-08-22
++ new volunteer call VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ON CHIOS 2017-08-22
++ new organization/team added Greece Communitere 2017-08-21
++ new volunteer call GUITAR PLAYERS needed to teach Refugees in Northern Greece 2017-08-21
++ new volunteer call Help to feed refugees in Belgrade, Serbia 2017-08-21
++ new volunteer call Translator/Cultural mediator needed URGENT 2017-08-18
++ new volunteer call Urgent call for Doctors (GP, emergency, pediatricians) and Dentists 2017-08-18
++ new volunteer call Volunteer Driver needed in Chios 28th August 2017-3rd September 2017 2017-08-18
++ new volunteer call [PAID] Teach Refugees how to become Web Developers 2017-08-17
++ new organization/team added Social Hackers Academt 2017-08-17
++ room sharing room sharing: need 2017-08-17
++ new volunteer call I AM YOU are currently looking to employ a skilled English teacher to work in our education program in Ritsona camp 2017-08-17
++ new volunteer call Social Animator For Child Friendly Space at Oinofyta Camp 2017-08-17
++ new organization/team added CalAid 2017-08-17
++ new volunteer call LANGUAGE TEACHERS NEEDED IN ATHENS 2017-08-17
++ new volunteer call Volunteers needed! Psycho-social support for adults and children in Samos (education & recreational activities) 2017-08-17
++ new volunteer call foodKIND - Seeking long-term coordinators for projects in the North & South of Greece 2017-08-17
++ new organization/team added foodKIND 2017-08-17
++ new volunteer call Warehouse Manager 2017-08-17
++ new volunteer call Volunteers Needed - September 10 through December 2017 2017-08-17
++ New place added Book and Art 2017-08-16
++ New place added Public 2017-08-16
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